Lexus unveils two new concepts at Tokyo Motor Show 2023: hydrogen ROV CONCEPT 2 and battery-powered RZ SPORT CONCEPT

Lexus brings two new concepts to Tokyo Auto Show 2023: hydrogen-powered ROV CONCEPT 2 and battery-powered RZ SPORT CONCEPT

On the occasion of the Tokyo Auto Show 2023, Lexus has brought several products, including two new concepts: ROV CONCEPT 2 and RZ SPORT CONCEPT, the former being hydrogen-powered and the latter 100% electric. This is a similar approach to that of Toyota, although in their case they were more oriented towards motorsport cars and Lexus has focused on SUVs.


Unveiled at the concurrent Tokyo Outdoor Show, Lexus has come up with an adventurous new energy proposition. The Lexus ROV CONCEPT 2 is an ATV powered by a hydrogen engine, with a capacity for two occupants and dimensions of 3.120 metres long, 1.72 metres wide and 1.80 metres high .

Lexus has previously unveiled such a vehicle, which it called the ‘Lexus Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle Concept’.


With a more ‘street’ look, the RZ SPORT CONCEPT sets its sporting spirit apart through a black and white body colour scheme, the latter being present on much of the bonnet.

Based on the brand’s first electric model, the Lexus RZ, and overseen by driver Masahiro Sasaki, the concept is equipped with 150kW motors at the front and rear. In addition, the vehicle’s height has been lowered by 35 mm, it features customised aerodynamic parts and larger-diameter tyres.

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