Lightyear files for bankruptcy Farewell to the solar electric car?

The continuity of the Lightyear project hangs in the balance and its future is more uncertain than ever.

The news that the company behind Lightyear has declared bankruptcy has come as a complete surprise, especially when only a few months ago they started production of their first solar electric car, the Lightyear 0, despite the fact that a few days ago they announced a change of direction to prioritise the Lightyear 2.

The Lightyear 2, in principle was going to be the second solar electric car of the Dutch manufacturer, although this one was going to have some very special peculiarities and that is that its price was going to be really competitive.

Atlas Technologies BV, the operating company responsible for the production of Lightyear, is the company that has actually declared bankruptcy after being granted a suspension of payments by Rechtbank Oost-Braban in the Netherlands.

This move by Lightyear is intended to protect the company’s project and give it continuity in the near future, although the situation is very delicate financially and to ensure continuity a company would have to come in to provide capital for the next few years.

It seems that solar electric cars could be the future of mobility in the coming years, but today the two major projects, Lightyear and Sono Motors, are going through very delicate situations that could ruin all the progress made.

Let’s hope that the situation is finally resolved and we can see both the Lightyear 2 and the Sono Sion on our roads in the future, as we think the idea and concept of using the sun’s energy as an energy source is brilliant.

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