Lotus Eletre final specifications and pricing revealed for different markets

Lotus unveils the final prices and specifications of its electric SUV Lotus Eletre

Last March saw the unveiling of the Lotus Eletre SUV, the brand’s second all-electric venture after the Lotus Evija sports car, not to mention two other electric vehicles the brand promised to launch over the next four years. Group Vice President and CEO of Lotus Cars, Matt Windle, said:

“The launch of the Eletre is a natural next step for Lotus. Two-seater sports cars are not for everyone, and we want to offer a Lotus for every stage of life. The Eletre is the start of that.”

Since its unveiling, it has been preceded by all sorts of opinions, from largely critical of its design to huge fans of the car. Today, Lotus unveiled the final specifications and pricing for the various markets where the Lotus Eletre will be sold, following the globally broadcast ‘Lotus Eletre: Unleash the Future’ event. Windle, added:

“The confirmation of the Lotus Eletre price and specification is a key moment in the transformation of Lotus through our ‘Vision80’ strategy.

We know from media and customer feedback that they are hugely excited about the arrival of this car; in fact, the Eletre has already been awarded the ‘most anticipated’ new model of 2023. Deliveries to customers will begin during the first half of next year.”

This considered hyper-SUV, will be offered in three variants: Eletre, Eletre S and Eletre R, and in two powertrains: 450 kW (603 hp) or 675 kW (905 hp). The battery is 112 kWh in all versions and offers fast charging from 10 to 80% in just 20 minutes.

The Eletre and Eletre S feature a single motor, and therefore have a power output of 450 kW and 710 Nm, offering a maximum range of 600 kilometres. Both versions are capable of accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds. Its top speed is 258 km/h.

The Eletre R has a twin-engine configuration, with 675 kW and 985 kW, as well as a maximum range of 490 km. This more powerful version can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.95 seconds. Its top speed is 265 km/h.

The brand confirms that: “The Eletre R is the fastest pure electric dual-motor SUV in the world”, as we have seen in tests on the Nürburgring test track. In fact, ‘Track Mode’ has been implemented in the Eletre R as standard equipment.

The Lotus Eltre measures 5.10 metres long, 2.13 metres wide with digital mirrors and 2.23 metres wide with conventional mirrors, 1.63 metres high and has a wheelbase of 3.01 metres. The rear boot capacity is 688 litres (611 litres in the four-seat version), rising to 1,532 litres with the rear seats folded down.

Technologically, the Lotus Eletre integrates the new Lotus Hyper OS operating system, which uses the video game industry’s ‘Unreal Engine’ technology. To deliver a next-generation experience, Lotus has partnered with global mobility technology company ECARX, which offers its capable dual-chip platform that provides fast processing and smooth rendering, bringing to life a 15.1-inch OLED touchscreen.

Lotus has also revealed that it has partnered with HERE Technologies to offer integrated navigation services for the Eletre. On the sound front, Lotus has announced an immersive Dolby Atmos audio experience, combined with the KEF audio system.

The Lotus Eletre has been in production since this summer, with customer deliveries scheduled to begin in the first half of 2023, with a starting price of €95,990 in the European market. Lotus has listed prices for the main markets in the following table (see below), with expansion to other countries to follow.

Market Currency Eletre Eletre S Eletre R
United Kingdom GBP 89,500 104,500 120,000
Germany EUR 95,990 120,990 150,990
Netherlands EUR 97,690 123,090 153,090
Belgium EUR 97,690 123,090 153,090
France EUR 96,890 122,090 152,090
Italy EUR 98,490 124,090 154,890
Norway not good 887,990 1,114,990 1,390,990
Sweden Swedish krona 1,119,990 1,409,990 1,739,990
Switzerland Swiss francs 115,090 143,890 179,890

Standard equipment includes five driving modes, active air suspension, torque vectoring, LED matrix headlights, active front grille and 22-inch 10-spoke forged wheels. All versions of the Eletre feature five seats as standard, with a four-seat version available as part of the ‘Executive’ package.

There are five different wheel designs and six brake caliper colours. At launch there are six exterior colours to choose from: Natron Red, Galloway Green, Stellar Black, Kaimu Grey, Blossom Grey and Solar Yellow, with plans to launch more colours in the near future. There is a choice of six interiors, one of which is an imitation leather, which they claim is “odourless and lasts longer than real leather”, including artificial fibre in the carpets and boot lining.

Deployable LIDAR technology is also included as standard, upgrading its features through over-the-air software updates to achieve increasingly automated driving when market regulations allow. For the time being, two advanced driver assistance system packages are available: Parking Package and Roadside Assistance Package.

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