Lucid Gravity, the stunning electric SUV to be available for pre-order in 2023, unveiled

Lucid Gravity, the all-electric luxury SUV to be available for pre-order in 2023

As we announced last week, Lucid Motors had set November 15 as the date for unveiling news of its future electric cars. That day has arrived, and the company has surprised by unveiling its Lucid Gravity luxury electric SUV, of which we had previously seen some early images and, last year, we were able to see a leak.

After the 100% electric saloon Lucid Air, and its corresponding versions, the brand is betting on another very well accepted segment, the SUV. Moreover, it is an SUV with a capacity for up to seven occupants, which is not the most common in this type of vehicle, although there are other models such as the Tesla Model X or the Mercedes-Benz EQB, among others, which do make it possible.

As for its technical aspects, Lucid has not revealed them for the moment, although it has advanced that this new Lucid Gravity “sets new standards with the longest range and fastest charging electric car on the market with the award-winning Lucid Air”. Lucid Motors CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson added:

“Gravity builds on everything we’ve achieved so far, driving new advances from our in-house technology to create a high-performance luxury SUV like no other.

Just as the Lucid Air redefined the saloon category, Gravity will impact the luxury SUV world, setting new benchmarks across the board.”

As for the interior, it will integrate the new generation of ‘Glass Cockpit’ displays, powered by the new generation of the proprietary software interface; Lucid UX. Lucid Group Senior Vice President of Design, Derek Jenkins, commented:

“I’m delighted with the results we’re seeing with the Lucid Gravity, as we’ve spared no expense in leveraging everything we’ve learned with the Lucid Air to create something that alters the continuum of the vehicle class.

It’s both a supercar in disguise and an SUV with flexible passenger and cargo space that feels incredibly large relative to the vehicle’s exterior size. And all with Lucid’s distinctive, California-inspired, post-luxury design.”

The Lucid Gravity will be available for pre-order from early next year 2023, when the range to be offered by the manufacturer will be revealed in more detail, with a planned market launch in 2024. The brand has already said that availability for markets outside the US and Canada will be announced in the future.

For the time being, Lucid is refining the vehicle’s design and specifications, while also expanding its AMP-1 manufacturing facility in Casa Grande, Arizona, USA.

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