Lucid Motors also falls into Tesla’s trap and lowers the price of Lucid Air

Lucid Motors launches a discount of 7,500 dollars on the Lucid Air to cope with the new Tesla car prices.

On 22 January we announced that Xpeng would not be the only manufacturer to make a move in response to the generalised price drop in Tesla cars.

The next manufacturer has been Lucid Motors, which we could qualify as direct competition to Tesla in terms of the sedan segment, and the Lucid Air is a direct rival of the Tesla Model S, where potential customers of the Lucid Air may eventually opt for the Tesla Model S as an option and vice versa.

Given the latest generalised price changes for Tesla cars in several countries, Lucid Motors has not wanted to risk a possible flight of undecided customers and according to the Lucid Forum, has been sending several mails to its future customers announcing a discount of $ 7,500 if they choose to finance the purchase of the Lucid Air through Lucid Financial Services.

The message sent by Lucid Motors is exactly as follows (translated from English).

Save $7,500 immediately. Accelerate instantly.

Effective immediately, customers who lease any Lucid Air through Lucid Financial Services will receive an automatic savings of $7500 in the form of reduced capital costs.

By taking advantage of these savings, customers get a lower monthly payment for their new Lucid Air. As always, we’re happy to dream with you.”

No doubt for those who were waiting to buy the Lucid Air or not, this news is really interesting, and that is that you will be able to get an interesting savings and discount on the purchase.

It seemed clear that Tesla’s move with its generalised price cut was going to be answered by its competitors, and we are sure that this price war has only just begun, however the question is to know how much the competition will be able to lower so that the sale of a car does not mean making a loss, as Tesla plays with an advantage by having a wide margin, around 30%, for each car sold, being one of the highest margins that currently exist in the automotive sector.

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