Lucid Motors gives a sneak peek at its third electric car

It will be a smaller sedan than the Lucid Air and aims to be a direct competitor to the Tesla Model 3.

On November 16, 2022, a long-awaited event took place at Lucid Motor, the day it unveiled new information about the Lucid Gravity to the world.

The Lucid Gravity is the brand’s second electric car, following the Lucid Air premium sedan, and will occupy a luxury and premium SUV segment.

But Lucid Motors’ plans do not stop there. It wants to reach a wider target audience, as its first two vehicles (the Air and the Gravity) are aimed at a segment with high purchasing power.

To this end, the company is already planning the launch of a third vehicle, which is expected to be a sedan smaller than the Lucid Air, with the aim of competing with the Tesla Model 3, the American company’s top-selling electric sedan.

Regarding this vehicle, we can say that Lucid Motors already showed it fleetingly in the presentation of the Lucid Gravity, and if we pay attention there is a moment where CEO Peter Rowlinson walks next to the Lucid Air, which is accompanied by two more vehicles but are covered, one of them is the Lucid Gravity for its SUV presence and another aims to be this 100% electric sedan.

From what little can be seen, the shapes will be very similar to the Lucid Air although with a much more contained size and probably also with lower performance and autonomy to be able to compete in price against the Tesla Model 3.

Lucid Motors neither affirms nor denies the company’s future plan for this third vehicle, but the rumours circulating on the internet are that this vehicle could be marketed for a price of 50,000 dollars in the United States, a price closer to that of the Tesla Model 3 than the Lucid Air or Gravity, whose price is over 90,000 dollars.

Meanwhile, Lucid Motors continues its expansion plan, starting its commercial activity in some European countries such as Germany. Spain will have to wait, as it is not considered a priority market for the brand.

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