Lucid Motors has now opened its first service, delivery and sales centre in Europe.

Lucid Motors has opened its first service centre in the Netherlands, kicking off its activity in Europe.

We could say that Lucid Motors and the Lucid Air is already here, well, better said, it is already in Europe, as the North American company has officially opened its first Service Center, sales and delivery point on the old continent.

Specifically, it is located in Hilversum (Netherlands) and the place has a total of 2,232 square metres where the company will offer its after-sales and repair services together with sales and delivery services. This system is almost identical, if not a carbon copy, of the one used by Tesla and its Service Center.

Lucid Motors aims to increase its physical presence in Europe by 2023 so that the Lucid Air begins to be a car seen in different European countries.

Just a few days ago, the Lucid Air passed the Euro NCAP crash tests with a 5-star rating.

In a statement issued by Lucid Motors, senior vice president of product and chief engineer Eric Bach emphasised how important it is for the company to have a presence in Europe:

“The Netherlands is a key market for Lucid due to its high adoption of electric vehicles and very mature charging infrastructure. With industry-leading range and charging efficiency, combined with its sleek, aerodynamic exterior design and spacious, luxurious interior, Lucid Air offers Dutch customers something truly unique, which is reflected in the design of the Studio space in Hilversum.”

Bach also emphasised the safety score achieved by the Lucid Air:

“Safety has been a top priority from the outset at Lucid, and achieving five stars in Euro NCAP will give owners greater confidence in their Lucid Air. This is a fantastic result that was fully expected given Lucid Air’s comprehensive engineering process, but it is important to bear in mind that passive safety is only one part of the overall safety story. With a 32-sensor package available in DreamDrive Pro, we also offer one of the most comprehensive active safety systems in the industry.”

As for the opening of sales in Spain is still an unknown, since Lucid Motors, as is obvious, will prioritize European countries whose percentage of electric car sales is higher, and unfortunately Spain is one of the most delayed in this regard, so it seems that we will have to wait a few months or even another year or so.

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