Lucid Motors to unveil future electric cars on November 15

It will present innovations in the Lucid Air as well as future cars such as the Gravity.

Lucid Motors is becoming increasingly renowned in the automotive sector. From the outset, the American manufacturer has been committed to offering premium vehicles such as its Lucid Air saloon.

Perhaps the manufacturer has already done the most difficult thing, having its first electric car on the market, the first deliveries of which took place almost a year ago, but even so the manufacturer wants to continue adding and this is what it will show us on 15 November 2022.

On 15 November, Lucid Motors will hold an event called “In the Air and Beyond”, at which the brand has already confirmed that it will show the two latest versions of the Lucid Air, called Air Pure and Air Turing.

In addition, Lucid Motors has indicated that it will provide information and reveal news about its future and upcoming electric cars, which leads us to believe that Lucid Motors’ SUV, the Gravity, will play an important role at the event.

This last point, and perhaps a surprise the company has in store for us, will undoubtedly be the most interesting aspect of the event, as the arrival of the Lucid Air is still a long way off, at least for the Spanish market.

From the outset, the Lucid Air has been compared to the Tesla Model S, both of which are two electric saloons with truly brilliant performance, both in terms of power and range.

However, Lucid Motors has already indicated at the time that its real competition is Mercedes-Benz, and given the latest cars launched by the German manufacturer, the EQE and EQS, it makes perfect sense, although we believe that the Tesla Model S is also a direct rival.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on November 15 to bring you all the news that Lucid Motors presents.

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