Lucid UX 2.0, the major software update for the Lucid Air

The Lucid UX 2.0 update is the most important and complete software update made by Lucid Motors.

Although the Lucid Air is not yet available in all European countries, and it seems that it will take some time to arrive, it is interesting to review the new features of the latest software update, which has been dubbed Lucid UX 2.0.

Lucid Motors is aware of how important the software is in its premium sedan Lucid Air, so they have been working in recent months to finalize a major update that incidentally is installed and downloaded automatically in the vehicle via OTA, this makes it does not require having to go to the workshop for installation.

The company recently announced the hiring of software experts, as they want to have the best people to deliver the best software for their cars.

Lucid Air owners are already receiving the option to upgrade to this version of the software, and the process will be phased in over the coming weeks.

What the Lucid UX 2.0 update includes in the Lucid Air

This major update, Lucid Motors’ largest to date, involves an almost complete overhaul of the vehicle’s interface, new features and improvements to the advanced DreamDrive driver assistance system.

On the display side, both the screen behind the steering wheel and the one in the centre of the dashboard have the following new features:

  1. The screens now switch on immediately once the door is opened, allowing the driver to start the car immediately.
  2. New design and re-organisation of the information displayed on the screen, making the information shown more “user-friendly”.
  3. The navigation system and maps have been updated, with turn-by-turn directions now displayed on the central screen directly in front of the driver.
  4. Improved vehicle range prediction.
  5. Improved built-in Alexa voice system.
  6. Easier to use navigation experience, especially for third-party media apps.

Another aspect that has improved DreamDrive and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and are as follows:

  1. Highway Assist with active lane centring and adaptive cruise control.
  2. Pedestrian collision protection from the rear is now enabled when the vehicle is in drive and moving backwards.
  3. Improved visual cues for the parking distance warning function.

On the driving side, improvements are also seen in the intelligent headlights with micro lens array:

  1. Hihg Beam Assist now not only detects other vehicles, but also other nearby light sources, switching to low beam when necessary.
  2. Automatic headlight levelling with sensor-based adjustments for vehicle height and angle in relation to the ground.

Finally, some new functionalities have been implemented to enhance the driver experience, as follows:

  1. New De-Ice mode, which combines de-icing of the outside of the vehicle with automatic movement of the windscreen wipers and ice-clearing fluid.
  2. A series of measures to make automatic locking and unlocking of the car simpler, more intuitive and more responsive with both the key fob and mobile phone key, as well as additional user-customisable settings.

The video provided by Lucid Motors below shows some of the new features included in Lucid UX 2.0.

Michael Bell, senior vice president of Digital at Lucid Motors had this to say:

“This extensive software upgrade, comprising tens of millions of new lines of source code in nearly every upgradable computer in the vehicle, is achievable because the Lucid Air was designed from the ground up with the ability to improve over time. Thanks to our integrated software and hardware engineering, Lucid has the internal technical depth to improve our vehicles long after they roll off the assembly line.”

On the other hand, Derek Jenkins, senior vice president of design at Lucid Motors commented:

“Lucid’s truly innovative user interface becomes easier to use and even more aesthetically beautiful with each iteration, delivered seamlessly to the vehicle over the air. This latest version of the software incorporates numerous enhancements, many based on owner feedback and ideas, that make Lucid Air even more enjoyable, convenient and capable for our customers.”

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