MEB+, Volkswagen’s new platform offering significant advantages

Wolfsburg plant will be key to Volkswagen Group’s electrification strategy

The Volkswagen Group wants to be one of the leaders in the electric automotive sector, but it is aware that what it is currently doing is not enough and requires a new, more aggressive and successful strategy.

2022 has been a complicated year for the group, many changes have taken place in this year where probably all the objectives set by the company are not going to be met.

Since the replacement of Herbert Diess as CEO of the group, we have witnessed major changes in the group’s strategy, in an attempt to get back on track towards the targets set.

The current CEO, Oliver Blume, has to make his mark and in recent weeks we have seen projects or initiatives that have fallen out of the forecast and accepting past mistakes with the aim of fixing them, such as the total failure of the software in their cars.

New MEB+ platform, better in everything

One of the big innovations that the Volkswagen Group will be counting on in the coming years is the evolution of its current development platform exclusively for electric cars, known as MEB.

The MEB+ platform is the platform on which virtually all of the Volkswagen Group’s electric models are being built. The MEB+ platform is an evolution of the MEB platform that will improve on several aspects of the previous platform.

Volkswagen CEO Thomas Schäfer has indicated that the MEB+ platform will offer a longer range for its electric cars, up to 700 kilometres, and that charging times will be shorter thanks to the support of charging powers of up to 200 kW.

“The MEB still has significant potential. Our ambition is to take this platform to the next level. To that end, we are making substantial investments in advancing this technology. MEB+ puts us in an excellent position for the coming years.”

Moreover, Volkswagen has rectified the Trinity project, which remains in the company’s plans, as does the launch of a new platform called SSP (Scalable Systems Platform) that will initially replace the MEB and MEB+ platform in a few years’ time.

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