Mercedes-Benz EQT Van Price: From 49.000 Euro

Mercedes-Benz EQT is the brand’s cheapest electric vehicle

The German brand, Mercedes-Benz, continues its expansion with the launch of new 100% electric vehicles within the EQ range.

The latest to arrive is the Mercedes-Benz EQT electric van, a versatile proposal both for carrying passengers and being used for cargo.

The Mercedes-Benz EQT is about to go on sale and that means knowing its starting price in some European markets such as Germany, which will start at 49,000 euros in its most basic version.

A few days ago, the brand also presented a concept of a microcaravan called Marco Polo based on the EQT and we gave you all the details about it.

Mercedes-Benz EQT performance, capacity and autonomy

With a starting price of 49,000 euros, the EQT is the cheapest electric vehicle currently offered by the German manufacturer, but it is important to know some details to know if it can be an interesting option or not.

The Mercedes-Benz EQT will be offered in two sizes, one of 4.50 meters and 551 litres of boot capacity and a version that will arrive months later with a length of 4.94 meters, which will accommodate up to 7 seats inside.

The EQT electric van is equipped with a 90 kW (122 hp) electric motor which, together with its battery, offers a range of just 290 kilometres, undoubtedly the “weak point” of the EQT.

The maximum charging power is limited to 80 kW, but will still allow the battery to be charged from 10% to 80% in just 30 minutes.

Other manufacturers are also offering similar 100% electric options at much more competitive prices, although it is true that Mercedes-Benz is categorised as a premium brand and that in addition to prestige is also considered to offer a plus in quality and finish that other brands do not offer.

The price of the Mercedes-Benz EQT for Spain has not yet been revealed, but given the pricing trend, it is unlikely to be below 50,000 euros.

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