MG’s electric sports car, the Cyberster, spotted for the first time

The MG electric sports car has been seen in its first tests and trials on the open road

Through the most popular social network in China, Weibo, we have been able to see what can be considered the first photo of the MG Cyberster electric sports car, a vehicle that was not initially planned for production but thanks to the success of the concept, the brand decided to take the plunge.

The British manufacturer MG, currently in Chinese hands within the Chinese group SAIC, is one of the brands that is raising the most expectation in this electric era both in China and in Europe.

The MG4 is undoubtedly its star car, an electric car with excellent finishes and features and a very competitive price that makes it one of the most interesting options on the market today.

It is true that little is known about the MG Cyberster to date, although everything MG is doing suggests that very interesting things can be expected for its electric sports car.

MG Cyberster An affordable electric sports car?

As we have indicated, very little is currently known about the MG Cyberster, we only know a few details derived from the MG Cyberster Concept but analysing MG’s strategy to position itself as a reference brand in the electrification sector, we could find ourselves in front of a very interesting offer, an electric sports car with a reasonable price.

MG will launch the MG Cyberster in 2024, although it is expected to be officially unveiled in 2023, by which time we will know all the details of this promising electric car.

In the meantime, we know that MG is continuing its development and tuning plan for the MG Cyberster after it was spotted on the streets of a Chinese city with significant camouflage and a soft top.

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