Mobilize Solo Concept and Ileo Concept, the vision for urban mobility of the future

Mobilize Solo Concept, a new approach to urban mobility complemented by Ileo Concept energy solution

Mobilize, Renault’s sustainable mobility brand, is previewing its new launches ahead of the Paris Motor Show 2022. After unveiling the Mobilize Duo, the successor to the Renault Twizy which also has a charging version called Bento, the company is now presenting the Mobilize Solo Concept and Ileo Concept.

The Mobilize Solo Concept is a single-seat, 100% electric three-wheeled vehicle designed for urban commuting, measuring 1.37 metres long, 0.90 metres wide and 1.75 metres high. The brand’s vision for the car is for the user to drive in a semi-sitting position. Mobilize design director Patrick Lecharpy said:

“Solo Concept offers a playful and functional design, true to the Mobilize brand values. It has been designed to take up minimal space in the city and offer maximum safety and protection from the elements. We have also worked to create a user posture that is both comfortable and relaxed, suggesting the ultra-mobility of the vehicle.”

The Solo Concept is capable of top speeds of up to 25 km/h and can be driven without a licence, with a joystick as the steering wheel, in a nod to youth and the world of video games. It has safety systems such as an airbag and an emergency foot switch to stop the vehicle.

Its asymmetrical body allows access to the vehicle from the left side only. On board, the reclining seat tilts forward to provide a deep storage space for storing a bag. The Solo Concept’s structure is made from 50% recycled materials and the vehicle is 95% recyclable, just like the recently unveiled Mobilize Duo.

There are three ways to recharge the battery: by cable, by induction or simply by exchanging the battery. It comes with a removable battery, so it can be conveniently recharged at home.

Complementing this, Mobilize has also unveiled the Ileo Concept, created in conjunction with French designer Patrick Jouin, which the brand describes as “representing Mobilize’s vision to bring energy to cities and beyond”.

They are multifunctional and modular “totem poles” offering a series of specific services: a 22 kW fast charging station, a micro-mobility station with outlets for charging bicycles or electric scooters, and a living area comprising seats, a table and a screen stand.

The Ileo posts, mounted on mobile and modular supports, can be easily inserted in public or private spaces. The totem, combined with its roof, forms a green canopy that protects from the light.

Ileo Concept allows the use of second-life batteries from the automotive industry and the use of photovoltaic panels. The elements used in Ileo Concept are made from 50% recycled materials and are 95% recyclable.

Mobilize says that Ileo Concept is not intended to be produced in the short term, but is part of a holistic approach that aims to accompany the company’s deployment of an ecosystem of electric charging stations in public spaces.

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