More than 16,000 BMWs affected by high-voltage battery software problem

BMW issues a recall for more than 16,000 BMW vehicles in North America due to a problem with battery management software.

The NHTSA has issued a recall notice affecting more than 16,000 BMW electric cars, with BMW iX, BMW i4 and the new BMW i7 being the affected models.

At the moment this recall has only been notified in the United States and Canada, although it is not excluded that there are also affected units in Europe.

The reason that will cause more than 16,000 BMW cars to be recalled is related to a malfunction of the software that manages the high-voltage battery, which has been found to sometimes malfunction and cause a temporary loss of power to the vehicle.

Depending on when this happens, this can be a cause of an accident, for example if it occurs during overtaking or similar.

BMW will therefore have to check the more than 16,000 affected vehicles to update the corresponding software, although, as the brand has indicated, this software update cannot be carried out remotely (via OTA), but must be done in an authorised BMW workshop.

This is a hassle and a waste of time for the customer, who once they receive the notification from BMW will have to make an appointment with the workshop for a solution.

As we said, this problem has only been detected for the moment in cars sold in Canada and the United States, with 2,155 and 14,086 units affected respectively.

BMW has committed to contact the affected vehicles by 10 February 2023.

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