New Dacia Spring Extreme to be shown at Brussels Motor Show

The new Dacia Spring has a new design (exterior and interior) and a new electric motor.

The Dacia Spring can be considered a sales success, and it is one of the most economical electric cars that we can buy today in Spain and much of Europe. Dacia has already accumulated more than 100,000 orders since the launch of the Dacia Spring in spring 2021.

Dacia has wanted to maintain the essence of its brand, that is, to offer vehicles with really attractive prices, something that we can say it has achieved to a large extent with the Dacia Spring.

Even so, the Romanian brand belonging to the Renault group continues to work on improving its successful electric car and has announced that it will be present at the Brussels Motor Show where it will show the Dacia Spring Extreme for the first time.

The Dacia Spring Extreme is a new finish, which has new design features inside and outside, but also includes an important new feature, a new electric motor of 48 kW (65 hp) only available in this version.

This new generation electric motor is more efficient, which provides greater acceleration and greater energy recovery, this makes the range of Dacia Spring becomes 220 kilometres under the WLTP cycle in a mixed use and 305 kilometres in a city use.

What’s new in the Dacia Spring Extreme

The Dacia Spring Extreme replaces the Expression trim, a version that has been chosen to date by 8 out of 10 owners of the vehicle. Now this new version, in addition to including a more powerful and efficient electric motor also has new aesthetic features that we detail below.

New exterior design

  • Copper Brown used on parts located on the roof rails, side mirror housings, wheel hubcaps, Dacia logo on the boot door and under the vehicle’s optics.
  • Topographical pattern on the front doors and a reference to the distinctive Duster tube located between the doors and the front wings.
  • Topographic patterns on the lower door protection.
  • Exclusive new colour option called Slate Blue

New interior design

  • Topographic patterns on door sills.
  • Topographic pattern on front rubber floor mats.
  • Copper brown used on certain parts of the front door panels and around the air vents and navigation panel
  • Copper brown stitching on seats.
  • Dacia Link’ logo embossed on front seats
dacia spring extreme interior

For the moment Dacia has only provided the price of the Dacia Spring Exteme in France, whose price starts from 22,300€ where from January 17 you can already book this version with estimated delivery start before summer 2023.

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