New milestone for Microlino to produce its 1,000th electric

Big celebration at the Microlino factory after producing the 1,000th electric car

From the moment we first met the Microlino, it was clear, even in the early design stages, that this was a completely adorable little electric car that would cause a big sensation. And so it is, the Microlino is a success and even fashionistas like the CEO of Gucci, has not hesitated to get his hands on a unit of this 100% electric compact.

With a scheduled arrival in Spain later this year, the Turin (Italy) factory where the Microlino is produced recently celebrated the 1,000th Microlino rolling off the production line. Microlino co-founder and CEO Merlin Ouboter said:

“Yesterday, the 1,000th Microlino rolled off our production line in Turin. What a great achievement and a milestone that cannot be replicated so easily by the many loudmouths in our industry. Congratulations to the whole team, also for increasing production from 10 to 20 cars per day in just a few weeks!”


Its top speed of 90 km/h makes it perfectly suitable for this kind of commuting, and even intercity commuting. Its 12.5 kW motor matches the vehicle in question, a car that is classified as a heavy quadricycle L7e for Europe, and which offers a range of up to 230 km (depending on battery configuration). Ouboter, added:

“Simply put, we need far fewer battery cells per kilometre of range than conventional electric cars, because the vehicle needs much less energy to move. Therefore, the energy footprint for the production and use of a Microlino is only about a third of that of a conventional electric car.”

The Microlino still uses automotive-grade construction and components, and claims to be the first in its class to use a steel and aluminium unibody construction. It is priced at 17,900 euros. It is expected that, at some point in the future, Microlino will also launch its Microletta electric scooter, which was initially unveiled alongside the Microlino.

As we have said on previous occasions, the Microlino comes to cover daily urban mobility with contained dimensions that make it easy to manoeuvre and park in large cities. On top of that, the Microlino has a great design that can be customised with a variety of colours. Its front entrance door is a characteristic sign of the model, inherited from the BMW Isetta.

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