Nico Rosberg enjoys driving the Rimac Nevera through the mountains of Monaco, although the end was not the desired one.

Ride in the Rimac Nevera in the hands of former F1 driver and World Champion Nico Rosberg. What can go wrong?

Last August 2022 we could already see how Nico Rosberg himself collected his Rimac Nevera, which was handed over by the company’s own CEO, Mate Rimac.

The unit that was assigned to Nico Rosberg was the first ever customer delivery of the Rimac Nevera electric hypercar.

The Rimac Nevera is a true beast of the road, with a power output of 1,914 hp and acceleration from 0-100 km/h in just 1.86 seconds. For more details, please refer to the Rimac Nevera data sheet on our website.

You could say that there’s no better hands than Nico Rosberg’s to take the Rimac Nevera for a spin, couldn’t you?

The former F1 driver has been quite active on Youtube for quite some time now, bringing interesting videos about cars, usually high-end cars, and of course the Rimac Nevera has been shown several times on his channel.

A few days ago, Nico Rosberg invited his entire audience to go with him at full speed in the Rimac Nevera through the mountains of Monaco, an experience that could be described as exciting and unique.

In the video, as well as showing us some of the features of the Rimac Nevera, such as its highly customisable set-up configuration, we also heard Rosberg’s very positive opinions about the car, such as: “This car is really good, this is just amazing, it sits on the tarmac really well, the car does what I really tell it to do, how it brakes, and it’s so fast it’s sickening!

However, the video did not end in the best way, or at least as I expected it to end Nico Rosberg, since at one point he activated by mistake the Parking mode and the vehicle was “stuck” in the middle of the road, with the danger of an accident.

Luckily everything was solved in a quick and agile way, and we are not going to deny it, going with an F1 driver in a car must be very, very safe, as well as having a great time pushing the physics and the vehicle to the limit, don’t you think?

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