NIO launches ET5 Touring, offering its most family-friendly option

ET5 Touring showcases NIO’s second-generation design language

At the end of 2021, NIO unveiled its NIO ET5 electric sedan on the occasion of ‘NIO Day 2021’. Since last April this year, the NIO ET5 is already being delivered in Europe. Now, the brand has unveiled its more family-friendly version; the NIO ET5 Touring. This is a new variant that offers more space, which we were able to see last month in some spy photos while it was being driven in Norway.

In its sedan version, the NIO ET5 has been very popular, and it is expected that this crossover version will be as well, now adapting its use. The ET5 Touring features NIO’s second-generation design language. Based on the ET5 sedan, the rear of the ET5 Touring is extended and the roof lines connect naturally with the rear spoiler.

The Watchtower front sensor design combines sensing units, such as LiDAR and cameras, with the Tourer’s roofline. It offers assisted and intelligent driving with ‘NIO AQUILA Super Sensing’, which contains 33 high-performance sensors. All ET5 Touring models are powered by ‘NIO ADAM Super Computing’, which features four NVIDIA DRIVE Orin X chips and 1,016 TOPS.


The NIO ET5 Touring features NIO’s proven and powerful twin-motor all-wheel drive system with progressive aerodynamics(0.25 Cd), offering 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 4 seconds. In addition to the five basic modes of Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Custom, the ET5 Touring also offers four different situational modes: Snow, Sand, Wet and Trailer.

The dimensions of the NIO ET5 Touring are 4,790 mm long, 1,960 mm wide and 1,499 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,888 mm. The ET5 Touring comes with a 1.35 m2 one-piece panoramic glass sunroof with intelligent dimming features, as well as up to 99.99% UV protection and offers 80% heat insulation.

The ET5 Touring comes with a versatile load area of up to 1,300 litres. The boot cover is designed to sit flush with the sill for easy loading and unloading, and can be opened separately, providing an additional 42 litres of space, or can be lowered to expand the cargo space vertically for taller items.


Also included is PanoCinema’, which ensures a smart digital experience, with ambient lighting and 7.1.4 surround sound system. The enhanced N-Box infotainment console is offered, along with optional NIO Air AR glasses that, as the brand claims: “provide a private cinema experience equivalent to watching a 201-inch screen located six metres away”.

The NIO ET5 Touring is offered in ten exterior colours and six interior finishes. Pricing for the ET5 Touring starts at €59,500 with 75 kWh battery and €68,500 with 100 kWh battery, both prices in Germany (€63,900 and €72,900 respectively in the Netherlands). Deliveries in China are already starting, while deliveries in Europe are scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.

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