NIO puts the brakes on delivery figures for Q4 2022

Supply chain problems in December have caused NIO to lower its forecasts.

NIO is one of the Chinese manufacturers with the best prospects of becoming a major global electric car manufacturer in the future, and together with Aiways, BYD and Xpeng we could say that they are the brands that will almost certainly cease to be unknown on the old continent very soon.

The year 2022 is coming to an end, and manufacturers are beginning to take stock of how the year has gone, a year that in general has been very complicated, partly due to the major components crisis that has meant that many factories have had to temporarily halt their activity.

In this regard, NIO has had to rectify its production and delivery forecasts for the fourth quarter of 2022 (Q4 2022), forecasts that have been calculated downwards, mainly due to a lack of supplies at its factories in December.

NIO has announced in a press release that the new forecast for Q4 2022 is between 38,500 and 39,500 units, whereas the initial target was between 43,000 and 48,000 units.

Despite this lowered forecast, NIO will close the year 2022 with record figures for the company. If we compare Q4 2021 with Q4 2022, this means a 50% increase in deliveries.

The future of NIO is very promising and even more so after the announcement a few days ago at the NIO DAY 2022 of its next electric cars such as the NIO ES8 and NIO EC7, two cars that aim to be a sales success for the brand.

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