Nissan Leaf receives valuable award for its contribution to electrification

Nissan Leaf wins WhichEV Lifetime Achievement Award and that means a lot

This award for the Nissan Leaf electric car is full of meaning and the Japanese brand can be more than proud of all it has done over the years to promote total electrification.

12 years ago, yes, you read that right, Nissan launched an all-electric model, the Nissan Leaf, at a time when talk of an electric car was strange, rare and even thought by many to have no future.

At that time, whoever bought an electric car really had merit, and not now, when things are much easier. Undoubtedly, 12 years ago, the commitment to buy an electric car was because people were truly aware of how beneficial it is for the environment to use these vehicles.

Thanks to this commitment, the Nissan Leaf has received this prestigious award in recognition of its contribution and significance in promoting electric cars.

James Morris, editor of WhichEV said: “The Nissan Leaf should be commended for all that it has done for electric vehicles in its 12 years (so far). It is a true legend”.

Nissan Leaf by the numbers

To date, Nissan has sold just over 605,000 Leaf units and that number is growing.

It’s true that Nissan has seemed to be somewhat dormant in recent years, with the Leaf being the brand’s only electric car option until recently, but this has now been corrected with the arrival of the eagerly awaited Nissan Ariya SUV.

Nic Thomas, Nissan Motor’s UK marketing director said:

“The LEAF, the pioneer of mass market electric vehicles, represents so much to Nissan; not only does it mark the start of our electrification journey, but it is also a fantastic success story that continues to be incredibly popular with new and used car buyers across the UK.

Nissan continues to invest in electrification and the future of mobility. LEAF retains an important position in our line-up, but we are also incredibly excited about our new electrified technology in e-POWER and e-4ORCE, as well as our new all-electric model, ARIYA.

Across Europe, our target is a 75% electrified sales mix by 2026, indicating our continued commitment and focus on electric vehicles. We are proud to be at the forefront of electric mobility and this award highlights how important the role of LEAF has been, not just for Nissan but for the industry as a whole.

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