Nissan Leaf successor in the making

Nissan plans to have the replacement car for the Nissan Leaf ready in 2026.

The Nissan Leaf is a vehicle that is owed a great deal in this electric age – it was one of the first electric cars to be developed and conceived from the ground up to be 100% electric.

But like everything else, it will come to an end and it will be 2026 before Nissan launches the replacement Nissan Leaf, which will almost certainly drop the Leaf name and adopt a completely new name.

Although Nissan may be considered one of the first brands to embrace 100% electric vehicles, it has been somewhat ‘asleep’ in recent years and the LEAF’s technology is already outdated and the Ariya, although current, is a year or two behind the times, which has left the Japanese brand somewhat out of step with the ever-increasing competition.

Although Nissan has not given details of what the replacement for the LEAF will be like, we can guess that it could very well be a crossover vehicle, similar to the one presented by the brand in 2021 under the name of the Chill-Out concept.

Now, according to Autocar, Nissan spoke about the LEAF replacement in a presentation to the UK government’s committee on battery manufacturing and said: “the LEAF successor will go into production in 2026”.

The LEAF replacement is expected to be built in the same factory where the LEAF is made, namely Nissan’s Sunderland plant in the UK.

That plant aims to be 100% electric car production by 2028, two years after the new Leaf is due to appear on the scene.

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