Nyobolt shows its ultra-fast charging technology with a Lotus Elise… Electric!

Nyobolt’s charging technology has charged the battery of the electric Lotus Elise in just six minutes.

We looked at it and looked at it again and yes, there’s no doubt about it. It’s a Lotus Elise and… it’s all-electric! The original designer of the Elise himself, Julian Thomson, has been part of this interesting project led by Nyobolt to show off his advanced charging technology, which has managed to charge the battery of the electric Lotus Elise in just six minutes.

If we go into detail, we realise that the battery of this concept is quite small, only 35 kWh, offering a range of 250 kilometres, as they have assured. They have also commented that around 2,000 charge and discharge cycles have been carried out on the battery without significant losses.

Callum was responsible for transforming the original Lotus Elise into an electric concept. Although it looks like it at first glance, the electric Elise is not an exact replica of the original. It has a carbon fibre body, 19″ wheels and is 100mm wider and 150mm longer than the original Elise, as well as design upgrades such as LED lights. Callum’s creative head Aleck Jones said:

“The aim was to evolve the design and update it while maintaining that iconic sports car character that was so well received on the Elise.

Normally, you run into feasibility issues with initial sketches and a design loses impact as it moves from concept to reality, but incredibly, and thanks to the close working relationship between Callum’s design and engineering teams, we were able to realise our first images and unique vision in the real world.

Nyobolt’s technology allows this car to tick all the boxes that made the original Elise such a desirable car for drivers with a cult following, but it’s electric. These two things don’t usually go hand in hand due to weight and battery packaging limitations.”

While Nyobolt’s technology is expected to go into production next year, it’s unlikely that this Lotus electric concept will eventually make it to market, or at least as we see and know it at the moment, in part mainly because of the limited battery capacity which, yes… allows for quick charges, sure, but it’s not viable for an electric vehicle at this time, let alone one of the Lotus Elise type, to have such a small battery pack built in.

Nyobolt has already said that his company is not just limited to small batteries, but is also capable of making larger packs designed for trucks or buses. The battery company also said that its technology is immediately applicable and can be scaled up quickly.

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