Opel Mokka-e becomes Mokka Electric and brings improvements

Opel has decided to change the name of the electric version of the Opel Mokka to Opel Mokka Electric.

This time, however, the name change is accompanied by some improvements to the vehicle, improvements that we have already seen being applied to other models from other Stellantis Group brands.

We’ve already given you a lot of clues about the mechanical improvements that the 2023 Opel Mokka Electric will incorporate, haven’t we? But let’s take a look at them.

The Opel Mokka Electric is now powered by the Stellantis Group’s new electric powertrain, which means a new, more powerful and more efficient electric motor and a higher capacity battery, both of which increase the range of the Opel Mokka Electric.

The Opel Mokka Electric’s new electric motor now delivers 156 hp and 260 Nm of torque, while its maximum output was previously set at 136 hp.

As for the battery, the Opel Mokka Electric now has a 51 kWh usable battery (54 kWh gross) which, thanks to its average consumption of 15.2 kWh per 100 kilometres, allows it to achieve a range of 406 kilometres, a substantial improvement over the previous figure of 338 kilometres.

The rest of the vehicle remains unchanged, such as the maximum charging power of 100 kW in direct current and 11 kW in alternating current, a standard already established for Stellantis electric models.

Opel has so far not indicated an estimated arrival date for this 2023 version of the Opel Mokka Electric, but given other cases, it should not be too long before this upgraded version of the electric Opel Mokka reaches our roads.

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