Polestar 3 driver monitoring system to be seen in action at CES 2023

Polestar to showcase its innovative system to increase safety in its vehicles

Polestar has confirmed that together with SmartEye they will show how the driver monitoring system applied in the future Polestar 3 will work.

It will be at CES 2023, which is held as every year in Las Vegas in January, that is, in just a few weeks.

This system has two cameras that constantly monitor the driver and thanks to the software developed by SmartEye can track the movements of the head, eyes and even eyelids, being able in case of detecting any unusual symptoms to activate warning messages, sounds and even stop the vehicle completely safely in the worst case.

As mentioned above, this innovative system that raises the standard of driving safety will be available on the Polestar 3 SUV, the second 100% electric car from the Chinese Geely Group brand.

At CES 2023, the world’s leading technology trade fair, visitors will be able to see how the cameras installed inside the Polestar 3 track the driver’s movements and how the software does its job.

Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar had this to say:

“This technology addresses some of the main reasons behind fatal accidents and can help save lives by prompting the driver to refocus attention on the road, and can initiate preventative action when they don’t, or can’t.”

In addition Smart Eye founder and CEO Martin Krantz qualified the following about this technology:

“We are excited to have our fellow Swedish innovators on our booth at CES. With more than one million cars now featuring our advanced driver monitoring technology, it’s a great opportunity to showcase what lies beneath the surface in one of the latest cars to join our family.”

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