Porsche gives first details of the Macan EV, a 600 hp electric SUV

Porsche’s first electric SUV will be the Macan EV and will be launched in 2024.

Porsche was one of the first major brands to make a serious and determined commitment to launching a 100% electric car on the market, which we know today as the Porsche Taycan.

The success of this electric model is more than evident, and just a few days ago the German brand announced that it had already manufactured the 100,000th unit of the Taycan, a milestone for an electric car in the premium segment.

But Porsche’s electrification plans are clear, we have known for some time that the next generation of the Porsche Macan, its most successful SUV, will be an all-electric model, and although it is behind schedule due to Volkswagen Group software, it is expected to reach the market in 2024 instead of the initially planned 2023.

As the launch date of a vehicle approaches, manufacturers start to give details of it, and that is what has happened with the Macan EV. Porsche has provided some very interesting technical details.

100 kWh battery capacity and 600 hp power output

The Porsche Macan is being developed under the PPE platform (Premium Platform Electric) developed in conjunction with Audi and intended for use in the most exclusive and powerful models of both brands.

For Porsche, the Macan will be the first model to use this exclusive PPE platform which allows it to be equipped with an 800-volt electric system and 100 kWh battery packs, a capacity that the company says is the perfect balance between range and performance.

Therefore, with this information, it seems obvious that the Macan EV, at least in its longest-range version, will be fitted with a 100 kWh battery pack, although we may be surprised by lower capacity and lower cost variants.

Porsche has also provided information on the electric motors that will be fitted to the Macan EV, and yes, we say motors because there will be two liquid-cooled electric motors capable of producing a combined output of 600 hp.

With this introduction to the Macan EV, we’re sure it will appeal to enthusiasts and those looking for an electric SUV that’s something special.

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