Porsche has just produced the 100,000th Taycan

Porsche Taycan reaches the magic number of 100,000 cars produced

At this point in history, few, if anyone, doubts the success of the Porsche Taycan, a firm commitment by the German manufacturer that has brought the brand much joy over the years.

When it was announced that Porsche was going to produce a new 100% electric model, many were sceptical that it would be successful and that it would actually sell as many units as it is selling.

Even more so if we take into account that three years ago talking about an electric car was something of a pipe dream or something practically unknown. The supply of electric cars was practically non-existent.

Now Porsche is celebrating: the 100,000th car has already left its German factory in Zuffenhausen.

The first Porsche Taycan left the factory in September 2019, and on 7 November a very special 100,000th unit left the factory.

In terms of figures, the Porsche Taycan is one of the most popular models within the brand today, and to give us an idea of the volume of sales, last year Porsche sold just over 300,000 cars, of which almost 42,000 units belonged to the Porsche Taycan (some of its variants), surpassing even the legendary Porsche 911.

Porsche wants to continue to drive electrification in its brand, and aims for at least 50% of all sales to be electric by 2025.

Porsche also used this announcement to show how well a Porsche Taycan ages, specifically the one that has covered the most kilometres. It is a Porsche Taycan 4S belonging to Jean-Hubert Revolon who lives in Lyon (France). The odometer on his Taycan shows just over 188,000 kilometres and the car is as good as new.

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