Ram introduces innovative induction charging robot

Ram took advantage of the presentation of its Ram 1500 Revolution electric pickup at CES 2023 to showcase a charging robot

On the occasion of the unveiling of its first all-electric vehicle, the Ram 1500 Revolution electric pickup, the US firm, part of the Stellantis Group, showcased an innovative induction charging robot, called the ‘Ram Charger’, at CES 2023. Ram Trucks CEO Mike Koval said:

“We know from our Real Talk tour that our customers are not only concerned about how long a charge will last on the road, but also how easy it is to charge. And with our upcoming new inductive robot charger, or Ram Charger, it will make charging at home as easy as possible.”

Ram Trucks positions itself with this solution among one of the few manufacturers that have investigated such charging solutions, both autonomous robots like Volkswagen’s or Ford’s, as well as induction like Continental’s solution. In the case of the ‘Ram Charger’ robot, the brand confirmed that it will enter production, and although it is currently in the development phase, it is expected to do so in 2025.


To carry out the charging process, the robot comes out of a charging base and positions itself under the vehicle. Once there, it lifts a circular-shaped inductive pad that makes contact with the car’s charging pad and initiates charging, which the brand claims ensures up to 97% higher efficiency compared to other systems that let air pass between the charger and the receiver. Once the charging session is complete, the robot autonomously returns to its base, just like popular cleaning robots.

The company said that the ‘Ram Charger’ robot, developed by EFI Automotive, is capable of providing up to 7 kW of power, offering the possibility to schedule charging and benefit from the hours when electricity is cheapest. In addition, EFI Automotive claimed that the robot could even improve vehicle battery life by 15%, although it did not explain how.

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