Real-world range of the IONIQ 6: More than 580 kilometres

The IONIQ 6 has already been homologated under the EPA cycle, the most realistic homologation cycle and the data are excellent.

Hyundai’s IONIQ 6 is one of the most eagerly awaited electric cars of 2023. Just a few days ago we learned the details of the price of the IONIQ 6 for Spain, and the opening of reservations is practically imminent.

It is true that along with the performance of the IONIQ 6 we also knew the estimated range under the WLTP cycle, the official approval cycle in Europe, although we all know that this data is far from the actual range of the vehicle when it is used on a daily basis.

While we wait for our IONIQ 6 test and the real-world range test, today we have new information on the IONIQ 6 regarding its range.

Today we already know the range data of the IONIQ 6 under the EPA cycle, the EPA approval cycle is the one used in the United States, a much more rigorous cycle in the tests and whose results are much closer to the actual range, which can give us a clear idea of how many kilometres we can travel with the IONIQ 6.

In total, the EPA cycle has been tested on a total of six versions of the IONIQ 6, which are listed below.

IONIQ 6 version Range (EPA)
IONIQ 6 RWD Long Range (18″ wheels) 581 km
IONIQ 6 AWD Long Range (18″ wheels) 508 km
IONIQ 6 RWD (20″ wheels) 490 km
IONIQ 6 AWD (20″ wheels) 434 km
IONIQ 6 Limited RWD (20″ wheels) 490 km
IONIQ 6 Limited AWD (20″ wheels) 434 km

As can be seen, the range of the IONIQ 6 in its longer range and lower consumption version is able to homologate a range of 581 km under the EPA cycle, this translates that in real conditions the real range of the IONIQ 6 will be over 500 km.

This range makes the IONIQ 6 one of the longest-range electric cars, an aspect that many users value positively when buying an electric car.

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