Renault 4EVER Trophy, the electric reinterpretation of the iconic Renault 4

Renault unveils its popular Renault 4 electric version at the Paris Motor Show 2022; Renault 4EVER Trophy

After waiting a long time to see how Renault has reinterpreted one of its most iconic models, the Renault 4 (also known as ‘four cans’), into an all-new 100% electric car, that day has finally arrived. Dubbed the Renault 4EVER Trophy, the electric version of the popular Renault 4 is being shown at the 2022 Paris Motor Show in showcar form.

After the Renault 5 Prototype, this unveiled Renault 4EVER Trophy is the second electric reinterpretation of an iconic model as part of the company’s ‘Renaulution’ strategy. The Renault 4EVER Trophy also celebrates the 25th anniversary of the 4L Trophy charity raid. The company says: “In the future Renault range, the positioning of the future electric Renault 5 and Renault 4 will be similar to that of the current Clio and Captur”.

This Renault 4EVER Trophy marks a before and after for the brand, as the Renault 4 has sold 8 million units in more than 100 countries in its 60-year history and is considered an intergenerational car. Although production ended 30 years ago, interest in the car has not waned. Renault CEO Luca de Meo said:

“The 4L is a myth. And myths never die. Today, it is this universal dimension of the 4L, a car that can appeal to everyone, that we want to rediscover through a modern, electric reinterpretation of the Renault 4.”

The brand, claims that this new electric vehicle; “prefigures a future 100% electric B-segment SUV”. The 4EVER Trophy reinterprets the Renault 4’s distinctive horizontal grille with a modern twist, featuring round headlights with Matrix LED technology. Renault Design Director Gilles Vidal added:

“To make the 4EVER Trophy a modern car, we have added technology and sophistication to its shape, without superfluous elements. All these ingredients have been carefully crafted to make the design relevant both to those who know the 4L and its glorious history, and to new generations.”

Looking like a buggy, the 4EVER Trophy features a carbon roof rack that houses a spare wheel, while on top of the tailgate there is a shovel and sand extraction plates for any situation. The bonnet is very hollow and has a large air outlet to optimise the operation of the radiator located in the centre of the bumper.

The high body height accentuates the width of the 753 mm wheels mounted on 19-inch rims. The reinforced underbody also protects the battery in the centre of the chassis. Each wheel of the 4EVER Trophy is fitted with a visible compressor that allows tyre pressure to be adjusted from the passenger compartment to suit the terrain.


Renault 4EVER Trophy’s dimensions are 4.16 metres long, 1.95 metres wide and 1.90 metres high, with a wheelbase of 2.57 metres.

Renault has not yet revealed the vehicle’s technical specifications, but has said that it will share with the future Renault 5 the new CMF-BEV platform dedicated to B-segment electric vehicles, which, as is the case for vehicles based on this platform, will be built at the brand’s ElectriCity site in northern France.

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