Renderings show what the Volkswagen ID.7 sedan could look like.

A designer interprets what the VW ID.7 will look like after seeing it in camouflage at the CES 2023, and this is the result.

At the last CES 2023, one of the main protagonists in the automotive sector was Volkswagen, which showed the VW ID.7, its next 100% electric sedan.

However, its final design will not be unveiled until April 2023. What could be seen at CES 2023 was a vehicle with camouflage, albeit a very spectacular camouflage that could be illuminated in parts and that undoubtedly surprised everyone who saw it.

In terms of the aesthetics of the VW ID.7 we will probably find few surprises, as Volkswagen has already shown the VW ID.AERO prototype in the open, a prototype that has finally been renamed ID.7 in its production version.

Even so, it is likely that there will be a few surprises in the design of the ID.7, although as we have said, as far as we have seen, it will maintain continuity with the design of the other vehicles in the ID range, such as the ID.4 or ID.3, but in a sedan.

To give you a clearer idea of what the new ID.7 could look like in terms of exterior aesthetics, a designer has made some computer renderings based on all the images of the car shown at CES 2023 and the VW ID.AERO and the result is as follows.

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