Reservations for the Spanish electric car Silence S04 are now open.

A two-seater electric supercompact is getting closer and closer: Silence S04 reservations are now open!

Confirmed in October 2021, the Silence S04 is a small two-seater electric car with removable batteries and two versions for the L6e and L7e categories. After a long wait, the company has finally opened reservations for this Spanish electric compact, with a starting price of just 10,180 euros for the L7e version.

However, it should be noted that one of two options must be added to this price: purchase of two batteries for 5,120 euros or rental of two batteries per use at a price of €30/month. The company introduced its battery swapping system last year, similar to the option offered by the popular Gogoro with its GoStation.

The Silence S04 Nanocar is available in two colours: white or grey. The white colour is free of charge, while the grey colour costs an additional 650 euros.


In addition to these prices, there is also the possibility of purchasing the ‘Premium Pack’: air conditioning, dashboard-dashboard-dash doors-steering wheel trimmed in synthetic leather and floor mats with the model name. Currently, this package comes as standard, which increases the final price to 11,680 euros. The pre-order price is 400 euros.

The Silence S04 features two 7.5 kW rear electric motors, with a peak power of 22 kW. It can reach top speeds of 85 km/h in the L7e heavy quadricycle version, while the L6e (light quadricycle) version, which is not yet available, will be limited to 45 km/h.

It is equipped with two 5.6 kWh batteries (11.2 kWh in total), which can be conveniently transported like a trolley. In the case of the highest version, classified as L7e, the brand reports a range of 149 km under the WMTC cycle.

The dimensions are 2.28 metres long, 1.27 metres wide and 1.57 metres high. Despite being a two-seater, it has a fairly large boot for its dimensions, with a capacity of 247 litres.

We are sure that many people will opt for this Spanish electric car that offersa very interesting option for daily mobility in urban areas, with the characteristics of a car. The Silence S04 is expected to challenge similar vehicles such as the Renault Twizy or the Citroën Ami / Opel Rocks-e.

The brand has already been a leader in Spain for several years with the Silence S01, a model that has become the best-selling electric motorbike in Spain in 2022, although it also has the S01+ and the S02 in its catalogue, the latter being designed for delivery.

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