Sale in sight: Ford could sell its German factory to BYD

BYD’s European electric bet is imminent

According to what we have learned, Ford is considering selling its German site to BYD. The truth is that it would be a good deal for both parties, as Ford used to manufacture the Focus there, which has given the brand so much joy, but which is gradually becoming less successful, and less meaningful, in line with the American brand’s electric commitment.

It seems, based on this, that the Chinese company BYD will buy Ford’s factory located in Saarlouis, making it a site for its electric vehicles, since BYD ended production of combustion vehicles last year, focusing only on plug-in hybrids and 100% electric.

It is no secret that BYD is looking to expand across Europe, having previously announced plans to expand into Germany, Sweden, the UK, France and Spain, among others… not forgetting its presence in Norway. It is also no secret that BYD wants to have at least one location in Europe, as it made it known at the end of the year. Recall that just a few months ago, we learned of BYD’ s electric offensive for Europe with the initial launch of three electric cars.


Returning to Ford, it does not mean that it will stop betting on Europe, in fact let’s remember that it has plans to have an all-electric portfolio in Europe by 2035, launching 7 new electric cars by 2024. While it is true that the layoffs announced in Europe are not very encouraging, Ford continues with its electric commitment and precisely chose its Valencia plant as the cradle of its next generation of electric cars, where it also recently announced a new solar power plant.

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