Significant new features for the electric Volvo C40 and XC40

Volvo improves its two current electric cars with important new features that we will detail below.

Volvo, like most brands, is launching updates to its vehicles, these updates usually occur every year and many know them as restyling.

These restylings are sometimes only aesthetic changes to the exterior and interior, with the technical and performance aspects remaining exactly the same.

However, today we have to talk about the improvements included in the Volvo C40 Recharge and Volvo XC40 Recharge, improvements that affect precisely in the performance section.

Volvo wanted to provide its customers with improved versions of the Volvo C40 Recharge and XC40 Recharge, focusing on achieving a critical aspect in electric cars, the range. Volvo has announced that all versions have been able to increase the range of their vehicles compared to last year’s versions by up to 62 kilometres.

Volvo has also launched three new powertrains for both vehicles, including two rear-wheel drive variants. The brand has indicated that this is the first time it has offered rear-wheel drive on its vehicles in 25 years.

The brand has also highlighted the addition of the first second-generation permanent magnet electric motor, which has been developed in-house by Volvo Cars.

Details of the enhancements and new options on the Volvo C40 and XC40 Recharge

The new rear-wheel drive options feature a new electric motor that delivers 175 kW (237 hp) of power instead of the previous motor’s 170 kW of power (231 hp), a small gain in power but also a significant gain in efficiency.

The Volvo XC40 Recharge retains the same battery capacity, i.e. a 69 kWh battery that now delivers a range of 460 kilometres instead of the 425 kilometres it was rated at in last year’s version. This increase in range is made possible by various improvements to the battery’s cooling efficiency.

The same goes for the Volvo C40 Recharge, the range is now increased to 476 kilometres WLTP instead of the 438 kilomet res homologated in last year’s version of the C40. As can be seen there is a considerable gain in kilometres on both models.

On the other hand, as for the 82 kWh battery options which is paired with a 185 kW (251 hp) electric motor, there are also new features. This brings the range of the XC40 Recharge up to 515 kilometres and 533 kilometres for the C40 Recharge.

But if these new features were not enough, the versions fitted with the 82 kWh battery now reach maximum charging power rates of up to 200 kW, previously the limit was set at 150 kW. This translates into shorter charging times for the battery.

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