Skoda Enyaq launches Laurin & Klement variant, offering more power and more range

Skoda updates the Enyaq and launches its Laurin & Klement version with more power and autonomy

Good news for the electric Škoda Enyaq iV, as it has announced the new variant called ‘Laurin & Klement’, in honor of the founders of the company; Václav Laurin and Václav Klement. This variant brings with it an upgrade to the model’s performance, offering increased power and range.

In addition to improved technical features, the ‘Laurin & Klement’ variant also features specific details in the interior and exterior design of the vehicle. The Škoda Enyaq L&K is identified by exclusive silver accents on various parts of the vehicle such as the bumpers, diffuser and mirrors.

The grille surround features the standard 131 LED illuminated ‘Crystal Face’ and also includes LED matrix headlights. The rear side windows and rear window are tinted (‘Privacy Glass’). It is also fitted with specific 20-inch alloy wheels, or optional 21-inch alloy wheels, and ‘L&K’ variant badges on the front wings.

Its name is also changed for this variant, with the model’s ‘iV’ badge removed, which in this version features only the word ‘Enyaq’ on the tailgate. Inside, two options are offered: beige leather upholstery as standard and optional black leather upholstery. The front seats offer ventilation and massage functions, exclusive to this ‘L&K’ version.

Moving on to the technical features offered by this new ‘Laurin & Klement’ variant, the maximum power is increased to 210 kW (285 hp) in the 85x all-wheel drive version, although there is also a version called Enyaq L&K 85 that offers rear-wheel drive.

Its range is also increased, offering up to 570 kilometres under the WLTP cycle. Shorter charging times (from 10 to 80% in less than 30 minutes), battery pre-heating and the latest ME4 software are also offered. Škoda Auto Technical Development Board member Johannes Neft said:

“In the new Enyaq L&K, we are introducing several technical upgrades that will subsequently also be used in the other models in this series.

The new, more powerful transmission generation will offer a higher system output of 285 hp (210 kW). At the same time, we have been able to extend the maximum range to 354 miles (570 km) on the WLTP cycle and keep the charging time from 10 to 80% below 30 minutes.

Based on customer feedback, we added battery pre-heat management, which also uses navigation data. This feature optimises charging performance even in cold weather.

In addition, our new user interface takes usability to a whole new level, making vehicle operation even more intuitive.”

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