Sony and Honda’s electric car to be unveiled soon

Honda to build Sony’s electric car, which already has a launch date

Throughout this year we have been learning about the joint venture between the two Japanese companies to develop an electric mobility business.

The result is a new company, Sony Honda Mobility, which will bring Sony’s electric car to life.

Some time ago, Sony surprised everyone by unveiling its electric car, although at the time it seemed that the Japanese brand was going to focus on developing software for the automotive sector and then commercialise it for other brands.

However, plans have changed and Sony will finally launch its own electric car, with the help of Honda, which will focus on its development and above all its manufacturing and know-how in such a complex sector as the automotive industry.

In recent hours the company has been giving more details of Sony’s electric car, which will be a reality in 2026. Curiously, its first market will be the United States, leaving the local market (Japan) for later.

In addition, Honda and Sony have confirmed that it will be manufactured in the United States, from where it will be exported to other countries, including Europe, although it seems that this is not one of their main priorities.

Another important point is that the brands have confirmed the date of the official presentation of their first electric car, it will be sooner than we think and it is set for January 4, 2023, coinciding with the CES 2023 to be held in Las Vegas.

CES is the most important technology fair in the world, a perfect place to show the technology that will equip Sony’s future electric car, don’t you think?

As we have said on other occasions, the electric era in the automotive sector is opening the door for companies with expertise in technology and software to enter this sector, and Sony is a clear case in point.

As Yasuhide Mizuno, CEO of Sony Honda Mobility, said: “Our goal is not to become an ordinary car manufacturer, but a new mobility technology company focusing on software technology”.

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