Sony Honda Mobility’s electric car will base its strength on software and entertainment.

Integrating a PlayStation 5 into Sony’s car is both possible and technically simple.

In recent years, Sony has been flirting with the automotive sector, albeit initially only as a software and technology provider.

However, last June, Sony and Honda announced the creation of a new joint venture to bring their own electric car to market.

This electric age, which is also closely related to vehicle technology, is providing opportunities for companies in the technology sector to enter the automotive sector. We have the case of Sony itself, but Apple, Xioami or Huawei are other technology companies with real plans to enter the automotive market.

From the outset, Sony already stated that they were not going to manufacture batteries or vehicles themselves, leaving the door open to possible partnerships with other companies in the automotive sector, and Honda, another Japanese company, has been chosen for this great collaboration.

It is true that Honda is one of the manufacturers lagging furthest behind in terms of total electrification, with only the Honda e on the market today, although its second electric car, the Honda Prologue SUV, is expected to hit the market in 2024.

In addition, Honda has great prestige in the sector, its cars are currently considered one of the most reliable and we are convinced that this philosophy will be maintained in the electric era.

As for Sony, the Japanese company will bring to the project all its knowledge related to technology and entertainment and we have already said it many times, software will be a key element of distinction for brands and on this point, Sony’s own director of operations, Izumi Kawanishi said he has the formula to beat Tesla:

“Sony has content, services and entertainment technologies that move people. We are adapting these assets to mobility, and that is our strength against Tesla. Tesla does not provide any content services. And putting a Playstation 5 in our car is technologically possible.

The Sony executive made reference to Tesla, the electric car brand to beat, because one of the strengths of Elon Musk’s company is in software, an element in which Sony also has a lot to say and do.

Finally, the company ‘s CEO Yasuhide Mizuno had this to say about what Sony’s car will offer compared to the rest:

“We will develop a car as hardware that will be tailored to the entertainment and networking we would like to offer.”

As for Sony Honda Mobility plans to bring its first electric car to market in 2025, in just over two years’ time.

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