SsangYong changes name to KG Mobility

New era for SsangYong and a new name

It’s often said that the best way to get back on track is to let go of the past and it looks like SsangYong is going to do just that, even shedding its name and adopting a new name.

In recent years we have spoken on more than one occasion about SsangYong and its delicate situation of survival and even existence, and it has been really close to bankruptcy and even disappear on more than one occasion.

Finally, the floater that SsangYong was looking for was called KG Group, a South Korean company also dedicated to the chemical and steel industry that now adds cars to its product portfolio.

SsangYong, now in the hands of KG Group, is also taking the opportunity to rename the brand to KG Mobility and thus align itself with the new electric mobility era.

As you can see, the name takes the acronym KG for the new owner group and Mobility for mobility as a nod to the sector in which this division of the group is active.

By this we mean that Ssangyong as such will not return to Europe, but will come back in the future under the new KG Mobility brand name.

As for the range of electric cars that will reach the market, the SsangYong Torres, which was unveiled last year and is expected to be launched sometime in 2023, remains unchanged. However, its final name will not be that, perhaps KG Torres? Or even KG Mobility may opt to change the name altogether.

We are certainly looking forward to KG Mobility ‘s arrival in Europe, as the South Korean brand (previously called SsangYong) left a very good impression in its first stage, which gradually faded away.

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