That’s how strong Tesla Bot is, capable of lifting a grand piano.

Tesla demonstrates the strength of its Optimus humanoid robot in a video

A few weeks ago we got our first glimpse of the Tesla Optimus prototype, Tesla’s humanoid robot that promises to make life easier and simpler for humans.

It is true that being a prototype, we could only see a small part of the potential and possibilities that the Tesla Optimus will have.

But today Tesla wanted to show how powerful and strong are the activators that the company itself has developed and manufactured exclusively for use in Tesla Optimus.

A total of 28 activators of this type are distributed throughout the body of the robot allowing it to be able to lift very heavy items. And as the following video shows.

Tesla wanted to show how just one activator, which corresponds to one of the legs of the Tesla Optimus, is capable of lifting nothing more and nothing less than a grand piano weighing approximately 500 kg.

The person in the video playing the piano is Konstantinos Laskaris, the man responsible for the development of these actuators.

It is likely that Tesla will continue to show progress on the development of Tesla Optimus through short videos that reveal some of its qualities and features, as has been the case here.

Will the following video be a sample of how it is able to walk? Remember that at the presentation the prototype, due to its state of development, was not yet able to walk on its own.

Although it is true that Elon Musk and the Tesla team indicated that they hoped that in a few weeks it would be possible.

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