The Aiways U6 is now priced in Europe, and it’s not what we expected.

The long-awaited Aiways U6 SUV-coupé is already priced for the German market, and it’s more than we thought it would be.

Many electric car users are looking forward to the arrival of Chinese manufacturers on the European market, as they are expected to launch quality cars at very competitive and interesting prices.

This was what we could think and expect from Aiways and its upcoming all-electric SUV-coupé, the Aiways U6.

However, every piece of information we receive about the Aiways U6 makes us lose hope in this vehicle that we had such high expectations for the European market.

A few days ago we found out which version of the Aiways U6 will be marketed in Europe, and here came the first surprise: only the smaller 63 kWh battery version will be offered, while in China there is the option of 72 kWh and even 88 kWh batteries.

This factor already severely limits the range of the Aiways U6, which is limited to a maximum of 400 kilometres, making it not the most attractive option in this respect, although it might be compensated for by an attractive price.

The price of the Aiways U6 starts at 47,900 euros.

Aiways has already published the price of the Aiways U6 for Germany, which starts at 47,900 euros, a price that places it dangerously close to the price of other electric cars that in our view are more attractive, such as the Polestar 2 or even the Tesla Model 3.

It is true that the price of the Aiways U6 for Spain remains to be known, but we already have the experience of other occasions that even the price in Spain, mainly due to taxes, ends up being higher than in Germany, so the starting price of the Aiways U6 in Spain could be much closer to the dreaded 50,000 euros.

With this proposal, the Aiways U6 arrives in Europe, with more doubts and uncertainty than ever, going from being initially a very interesting proposal to being just another option that does not stand out in any way and that perhaps European users would prefer to go for other brands that are better known in Europe.

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