The Citroën My Ami Buggy is back with a new special edition of 1,000 units.

If you ran out of options to get a Citroën My Ami Buggy… You’re in luck! Because Stellantis will put 1,000 units of a new special version on sale.

The Citroën My Ami is a small electric vehicle that has caused a sensation since its launch. In particular, its adventure edition, called the ‘My Ami Buggy‘, has been particularly in demand, with orders for the limited edition selling out in just 18 minutes.

The demand remains so high that Stellantis already announced at the end of the year that it would be launching a new run of the limited edition ‘My Ami Buggy’ with 1,000 units. At that time, it was not revealed in which countries it would be available for purchase, but now we know, and they are as follows: France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, UK, Luxembourg, Morocco and Turkey.

This new limited edition has been named ‘My Ami Buggy II’, although despite being the second series to be marketed, it continues to do so with the same design and main features that have captivated the public so far, where the absence of doors and roof stands out, along with its khaki green bodywork, among other details.

However, some additional exclusive accessories are included in this second series, such as transparent door covers and zipped roof protection, as well as a removable zipped pouch located in the centre of the steering wheel for storing small items. The instrument unit housing has also been redesigned.

The sale will take place via the model’s website(, starting at 10 a.m. on 20 June. The record to beat: 2 minutes and 53 seconds. This is the time it took the fastest buyer to complete the entire purchase process in the first sale.

The price of the Citroën My Ami Buggy II is 10,490 euros (including VAT). The first units will be delivered in mid-September.

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