The Cupra Tavascan will be produced only in China.

Volkswagen Group confirms the location where the next Cupra electric car will be produced

There is still some time to go before CUPRA starts production of its long-awaited second electric car, the CUPRA Tavascan, a 100% electric SUV that aims to be one of the Volkswagen Group’s most desirable models.

The CUPRA brand has managed to differentiate itself from the rest of the group’s brands by providing its vehicles with a design that is generally very popular and is aimed at a young and middle-aged customer who aspires to have a vehicle with sporty features.

For example, we have the CUPRA Born, the brand’s first pure electric car, which we could say is a VW ID.3 but with a different suit, a suit (design) that we personally like much more despite the fact that the features are the same as they share the same development platform (MEB) and key components such as battery and powertrain.

CUPRA’s next big challenge is the Tavascan, a 100% electric SUV that will be launched in 2024 and promises to be one of the most attention-grabbing electric vehicles on the market today.

Now the Volkswagen Group has released new details of the Tavascan and we can already tell you that this is bad news for the European automotive industry, as it will be manufactured entirely in China, although it will later be marketed in other countries.

The Anhui plant will be in charge of manufacturing the Cupra Tavascan, which will share many similarities with the ID.4, its Volkswagen counterpart. As with the Cupra Born, the Tavascan will be based on the MEB platform and will share common elements with the VW ID.4 SUV.

The first units of the Cupra Tavascan will be built in 2024 and deliveries will start.

The worrying thing about all this is that more and more manufacturers are opting to manufacture their cars in China, a country that in recent years has gained a lot of prominence in the automotive sector, and not only for being mere manufacturers, but for being protagonists thanks to large groups and new brands.

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