The current Toyota CEO will be replaced by Lexus boss Koji Sato.

From 1 April, Koji Sato will take the reins as CEO of Toyota, replacing the controversial Akio Toyoda.

The end of an era has arrived at Toyota, an era that began in 2009 when Akio Toyoda took over as CEO of the Japanese company, a position he will relinquish to become Toyota’s president on 1 April 2023.

There is no doubt that Akio Toyoda in recent years has led Toyota to be one of the largest automakers in the world, but his recent actions regarding the electrification of the brand has been tarnished and probably this decision of the board to remove him as CEO, has been precipitated even earlier than expected, even so he will keep a seat on the board and will be the president of the company.

It is true that Akio Toyoda is already 66 years old and the board is working on a replacement for the future, but finally it will be on 1 April 2023.

From that date it will be Koji Sato who will assume the role of CEO of Toyota, Sato is already a great connoisseur of the Toyota group, as he is the current head of Lexus, the luxury and premium division of Toyota.

Toyoda himself commented that the decision for his replacement was justified, as he is a car lover but has certain limitations, here is exactly what he said: ” Because of my great passion for cars, I am an old-fashioned person when it comes to digitalisation, electric vehicles and connected cars. I can’t go beyond being a car guy, and that’s my limitation”.

With the arrival of Koji Sato, he is expected to push forward electric mobility in the company and accelerate as much as possible towards full electrification, hoping and wishing that it is not too late to catch up with the competition.

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