The days of the EQ nomenclature on Mercedes-Benz cars are numbered.

Mercedes-Benz to drop the term EQ for its all-electric models by 2024

The electric era that the automotive sector is undergoing has caused all brands to create either a new nomenclature for their 100% electric cars, as is the case of Mercedes-Benz, or even others have created a whole new range, as is the case of Volkswagen and its .ID range.

Mercedes-Benz has been committed from the outset to identify its 100% electric models with the term EQ, followed by a letter, a letter that initially identifies the vehicle segment it is and that is partly identified with its combustion counterpart, which is known as Class followed by a letter.

All indications are that the use of this terminology similar to that of the combustion version has been used by Mercedes-Benz so that its customers know approximately what type of vehicle they are talking about when talking about, for example, the Mercedes-Benz EQE (whose counterpart is the E-Class).

However, the term used by the German brand will cease to be used in its future electric cars from 2024, and it is likely that once the transition to the electric era is complete, the brand will continue to use the normal nomenclature identifying its vehicles, which have lasted for many years and are already known worldwide by the public.

It should be remembered that Mercedes-Benz announced a few years ago that by 2030 it will be a 100% electric brand and that from 2025 it will stop developing new combustion engines and the new development architectures will be exclusively for electric cars.

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