The electric Abarth 500 is seen in a photo shoot.

The electric Abarth 500 will be officially unveiled on 22 November 2022, but we already know what it looks like on the outside.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for a brand/manufacturer to keep its products secret, in this case its new car, and there are a thousand eyes that are waiting for any slip-up to take a photo and post it on social networks.

This is what has happened to the electric Abarth 500, the most powerful special version of the popular Fiat 500e, which has been caught in the middle of recording material for the brand in the street and obviously someone has noticed that it was a new car.

The pictures have been published on carzturbo’s Instagram account (see below).

On this occasion it has to be said that the Abarth team didn’t worry too much about avoiding being photographed, as the filming took place on the streets of an Italian city and with the electric Abarth 500 without any camouflage.

It is true that although we have been able to see the first Abarth electric car in the open, which gives us many clues, it seems that we will have to wait for its presentation, on 22 November, to know all its features.

Obviously it is worth highlighting the chosen colour, a very characteristic lime green that undoubtedly makes the car as such does not go unnoticed.

Also noteworthy are its large 18″ or 19″ wheels, which give it a more “raw” and beastly appearance, something that the brand really looks for in its vehicles.

In addition we can see a spoiler at the rear, not excessively large but it does give another touch to the vehicle that starts from the base, the Fiat 500e.

abarth 500 electrico primera foto

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