The production MG Cyberster will be launched in April 2023.

MG confirms the month in which it will unveil its new 100% electric sports car to the world

The British manufacturer MG continues to surprise us with its firm commitment in this electric era that the automotive sector is undergoing, a commitment that as demonstrated with the MG4 is offering its customers a great electric car in every way (autonomy, performance, etc.) at a price more than contained.

The MG Cyberster, which will probably eventually be renamed MG C, will undoubtedly be the next model of the brand to turn the current automotive market upside down, as it is a 100% electric convertible sports car, a segment that is currently not being contemplated by the brands.

Initially the MG Cyberster was shown as a concept, a sample of what the MG brand was capable of in this new era. The prototype was so well received that the SAIC group (current owner of MG) decided to turn this future electric sports car into a reality.

Just a few days ago we could see the first real photo of the MG Cyberster driving on the street, performing the first tests and trials in real environments.

In April 2023 we will know all about the MG Cyberster

Currently we have very little real information about the MG Cyberster, we do not know its features, its final design, although we can sense it thanks to the leak of some patents, but it will not be until a few months when we really know absolutely everything about the MG Cyberster.

The brand has confirmed its launch schedule for the MG Cyberster, which is set to be officially presented to the world in April 2023 (date to be confirmed) and the first deliveries of this interesting electric convertible sports car will be made in the first half of 2024.

2024 is a special year for the brand, as it will be 100 years old, and MG believes that the best way to celebrate it is with deliveries of its great electric jewel, the MG Cyberster.

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