The Sono Sion solar electric car is in danger of not being produced.

Sono Motors’ founders’ last-ditch rescue aid to keep the Sono Sion project alive

The long-awaited affordable solar electric car Sono Sion could definitely “drown” when it is about to reach the “shore” (to be produced), as the delicate financial situation of Sono Motors makes the viability of bringing the Sono Sion to production unfeasible.

The only solution to save the Sono Sion is to raise the funds needed to meet this investment, and that is what the founders of Sono Motors, Jona Christians and Laurin Hahn, have done, and they have announced the start of a new funding campaign.

The founders themselves have indicated in the announcement that if this funding campaign is not a success it will mean the end of the project, in other words, that the Sono Sion will not be manufactured.

It is true that the path of Sono Motors has not been easy, and it is not the first time that it has been hanging by a thread, but now when it seemed that the goal was closer than ever for the Sono Sion, it seems that it is fading away and becoming much more complicated.

Although the cornerstone of Sono Motors has always been the Sono Sion, the company has been looking for business alternatives, all oriented towards electric mobility and solar energy, to achieve other sources of income that would provide a more solid base for the business.

One example is the partnership between Sono Motors, Scania and LLT to launch solar buses in Sweden.

Sono Motors currently has just over a billion euros of potential revenue when taking into account just over 21,000 Sono Sion reservations and some 22,000 pre-ordered units from fleet operators.

And much of Sono Motors’ viability depends on that, manufacturing the Sono Sion and starting to deliver the vehicle to its customers to get the cash flow “rolling”.

Below you can see the video where the two founders of Sono Motors explain the current situation of the company and the only way of survival that they contemplate.

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