The Tesla Model S Plaid will have one more competitor, and it will be from Porsche.

Porsche is working on a 1,000bhp version of the Taycan

It could be said that from the outset there has always been a healthy rivalry between Porsche’s 100% electric sedan, the Taycan, and Tesla’s Model S sedan.

This rivalry has been measured over the past months and years on which vehicle was more powerful and faster, with the Nurburgring circuit as the test.

We have seen the Taycan achieve the best time on the circuit, followed shortly after by the Tesla Model S and then the Taycan again smashed it.

Now with the launch by Tesla of its Plaid version of the Model S, a car with 1,020 hp of power we can say that the Taycan has been somewhat outdated, and is that the Taycan Turbo S, its most powerful version saves only 761 hp, a figure substantially lower than that offered by the Model S Plaid.

However, this could soon change, with internal Porsche reports citing a new version of the Taycan with a power output of around 1,000bhp, putting Porsche’s 100% electric sedan back on a par with the Plaid and Lucid Air, electric vehicles that will surpass the magic 1,000bhp figure.

Porsche has not yet confirmed this information, although we may hear about this version as early as 2023.

As with the Lucid Air and the Model S Plaid, everything points to the Porsche Taycan incorporating a third engine in its powertrain to achieve such brutal and spectacular power.

In terms of aesthetics, the Taycan will probably also bring some changes, necessary changes to improve aerodynamics and favour airflow in the face of such a huge amount of power, such as the existence of larger spoilers.

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