The Volkswagen Golf will get a new lease of life in the electric age

The Golf is a Volkswagen icon and is by no means a car that will cease to exist in the electric age.

When Volkswagen began its venture into the electric era by creating the .ID range, its first model, the ID.3, seemed to be the natural successor to the legendary VW Golf, and even within the brand it was suggested that the ID.3 was going to be the Golf of the future.

It is true that some years have passed since then and even internally within Volkswagen there have been changes, such as that of its CEO, who is currently Oliver Blume, who in addition to being CEO of Porsche is now also CEO of the Volkswagen Group.

Volkswagen has made a serious commitment to the .ID range where it currently has a number of models on sale and which have not inherited any names with their possible combustion counterparts.

With the Volkswagen Golf, however, it looks like it will be different, and the Golf brand will continue to be used in the electric era, as VW’s own CEO Thomas Shafer has indicated in an interview with Autocar.

“We would not abandon the Golf name, no way.”

He also indicated at the last Los Angeles Auto Show how important the Golf is to VW:

“We have iconic brands, Golf and GTI. It would be crazy to let them die and run away. We will keep the ID logic, but the iconic models will carry a name”.

Let’s remember that the VW Golf had its 100% electric version, the VW e-Golf, a model that we were able to test in Somos Eléctricos and we bring you our opinion about the Volkswagen e-Golf.

Volkswagen ID.Golf will be its natural successor

It is clear that the new CEO is making his presence felt with new changes and direction for Volkswagen and this seems more than evident, as in the first instance all new Volkswagen models were going to be catalogued as new brands, however Shafer and Blume want the Golf name to last over time.

This means that Volkswagen will have two electric cars in the near future, perhaps competing for the same segment, such as the ID.3 and the ID.Golf, or even see the ID.3 cease to exist and be directly replaced by the future ID.Golf.

An idea that might not upset many people, especially given some of the criticism and problems the ID.3 has had from day one.

But there is still a long way to go until then, as Volkswagen recently released the eighth generation Golf, so it won’t be until 2027 or even 2028 when VW will release the ninth generation Golf, a perfect time to bring the ID.Golf to life, don’t you think?

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