These are the first photos of the VW ID.2 or the future ID.Golf.

A test “mule” of the future ID.2 has been spotted in the snow

In the last few days Volkswagen has been one of the protagonists of news and novelties in the sector.

A few days ago it surprised us with a teaser published on Twitter where it announced that its next electric car would soon be announced.

Since then, the details and information about the Volkswagen ID.2 have been increasing, and the VW ID.2, which could finally be called ID.Golf, will be Volkswagen’s entry-level electric car where the price will play a very important role in making it a sales success.

Thanks to InsideEVs, we have our first glimpse of the VW ID.2 without any camouflage, although we have already told you that the final production version will be different from the one we have seen.

And why do we say that? We say that because the ID.3 spotted is a modified ID.3. This technique is very common among manufacturers early in the development of new models. These “mules” are externally like a production car, in this case the ID.3, but inside there are important changes that correspond to the development of the new vehicle.

The estimated launch date for the ID.2 is set for 2025, so the vehicle is still at a very early stage of development and it is unlikely that Volkswagen will release any information about it this year.

What we can guess is that the VW ID.2 will use the new MEB+ platform, a more optimised version of the current MEB.

As we have already mentioned, the price of the VW ID.2 will be very important, as the brand’s aim is for it to be no more than 25,000 euros, a price that very few electric cars currently offer.

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