These shock absorbers recover energy and charge the electric car battery

Innovative shock absorbers offer another way to charge your electric car battery

The electric age is challenging not only automotive manufacturers as such, but also external companies who have to adapt to the needs of electric vehicles.

The efficiency and range of an electric car is vital and we are seeing more and more ingenious solutions to help with this.

Today we want to talk to you about the latest shock absorbers developed by the American company GIG Performance and which were shown at the last Shema Show 2022, which took place in early November in Las Vegas.

RoadKill 500, energy-generating shock absorbers

Under the name of RoadKill 500, the company GIG Performance intends that its shock absorber system, in addition to fulfilling its main function, will also generate some energy that will be used to charge the car’s battery.

These very special shock absorbers, the RoadKill 500, take advantage of every bump or imperfection in the road to generate energy, i.e. they use the energy that this generates in the suspension to “capture” it and store it in the battery.

The company did not want to give any technical details of how they work, but it has provided a video that you can see below.

At the moment, these RoadKill 500 shock absorbers are not for sale, but GIG Performance’s goal is to make them commercially available very soon, as they are in the process of being approved so that any manufacturer can add their system to their electric cars.

It is true that initially this development has been designed for heavy transport (trucks and electric buses), but it is not at all excluded that a smaller version will be launched with the same objective for electric cars.

Unfortunately the manufacturer has not given technical details of how much energy these shock absorbers are capable of recovering or generating, but it is clear that any little energy help is welcome, don’t you think?

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